Esther Clark

Esther loves any creative medium, in particular textiles and pen-and-ink; intricate details in drawings often translate well into fabrics. Esther’s favourite subject is buildings; she uses appliqué to recreate these in fabrics, adding individual touches like pearls for a 30th anniversary, a plane for a pilot, or a welcoming cat in the window, to make commissions as personal as possible.
Esther uses the same technique to recreate cars in fabric; effective for modern cars, but even more so for old-timers. She also has a range of cheeky, happy and loveable dogs.
In addition to appliqué, she works with patchwork, both portraits and abstract images, where the emphasis is on shapes created by intense versus soft colours. And as there’s also a practical side to her, she makes items like bags in colourful designs and patterns.

Proceeds of Esther’s work go to Medical Detection Dogs.

For personalised, one-off gifts, suitable for any occasion, come and see me!



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