Irma Westerdijk

Irma began her artistic career at a very early age and now, as she says herself, simply can’t imagine a day without creating.

Found and recycled objects form the starting point for her work. These she leaves in her studio, allowing them to trigger ideas for sculptures. These are mainly figurative although she also creates wall art with a lot of texture.

Since 2003 Irma has developed her use of Paverpol, a fabric hardener she incorporates with textiles. She took a couple of courses in its use and application and has since gone on to develop her skills through experimentation. It is this free approach to creating art that Irma would recommend to anyone interested in trying this medium. As she says herself, ‘Try to find your own distinctive look, so you’re not the same as others.’ She keeps up with what other artists are doing through Facebook, sharing ideas and experiences.

Irma also devotes her time to giving workshops in the use of Paverpol and working on commissions – which are always welcome.




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