Sarah Downton

Original glass beads and jewellery made with fire and passion by Sarah in West Sussex. Sarah is an award winning glass beadmaker, member of the Surrey Guild of Craftsmen and regular judge of The Bead Awards. She offers beadmaking lessons for up to three people at a time in her dedicated glass studio in Horsham.

‘I use traditional lampworking techniques and the finest Venetian, German and American glass to make the beads and pair them with sterling silver. I make my beads by melting coloured glass rods in a high temperature flame and winding the molten glass onto a steel mandrel. Colour and pattern is built up by successive layers and hand shaping is done until the desired design is achieved. The beads are then annealed in a digitally controlled kiln over many hours for durability.
My bead designs are mainly organic incorporating delicious swirls of toning colours and are often inspired by the colour and play of light on water and the quality of light seen around St. Ives.’


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