Susan Tindall

I work at home in Southwater, West Sussex designing and creating original pieces of art.
I have been mainly working with earthenware ceramics, but I am currently learning new enamel painting skills to create a new range of miniature painting work. Though these are my primary mediums, I enjoy the variety and flexibility of working with different materials both in two and three dimensions. Including chalk sculpture, painting and drawing and making and painting bags.
My work is heavily influenced by my love of nature and domestic animals, in particular dogs, but I do also enjoy creating special commissions in other genres – work I have done has included cars, sport, fantasy/science fiction and house ‘portraits’.
My ceramic work;

  • I paint and glaze clay tiles to create framed 2D work (pictures that don’t fade in the sun and can be easily cleaned).
  • I create 3D relief, using sprigging, carving, printing and sculptural techniques and then painting and glazing to make pictures, plaques and signs.
  • I sculpt and carve small sculptures.
  • I create jewellery mainly brooches and showclips.
  • I create wedding favours, horse-shoes, hearts etc
  • I also make some utility items including night lights.

My enamel work;

  • I first prepare the metal to work on, coating with enamel on both sides. Then I paint on the enamel surfaced metal with enamel paints using either miniaturist painting techniques or a combination of different techniques. This involves many firings.
    These enamel paintings can be for framing as pictures, or can be worked into jewellery or boxes. I am currently working on a commission where I am combining ceramic earthenware work and enamel painting.

I love commission work, working with the commissioner’s ideas to design and create the personal bespoke, sometimes unusual piece they are seeking.
I have designed and created individual and personal artworks including birth, wedding, and memorial pieces and have worked for clubs creating brooches, signs etc
My pieces tend to be smaller artworks mainly because I enjoy the challenge of working in miniature with finer detail and partly (for ceramics and enamels) by limitations of kiln size and space, though I have designed and occasionally made larger pieces.
Please contact me if you think I can help you create your special piece. Susanx

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