Judith Alford

Chrystal Huws

Judith works through the medium of stained glass having learnt the techniques at college. This is a centuries old craft which has changed little with the passage of time. Selecting and cutting coloured glass she then hand paints designs such as letters, patterns and pictures onto the glass using traditional glass paints. The painted glass is then fired in a kiln to make the paint permanent. This process of painting and firing is undertaken several times in order to build up the desired final appearance. The pieces of painted glass are then built into a finished panel using lead, solder and glass cement. Each panel is individually created with sizes ranging from small light catchers to larger windows.

The majority of Judith’s work is commission based and is a beautiful and individual way to commemorate a special occasion such as wedding, christening, birthday or retirement. Every panel is designed and tailored to suit each client’s individual request.

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