Mark Wilson

I paint in acrylics and oil. My subjects are semi-abstract and abstract land and seascapes. I work to communicate the physical restlessness I feel is present as a continuously shifting intensity within a scene so that all of the viewer’s senses are engaged when they look at the work. I want them to hear and feel as well as see so that the story of what they experience is something almost filmic; it should never be still, never quiet.

I work with a palette knife and rag dipped in medium to blend and drag the paint, at times applying it thickly, building layers of colour to create movement, and at others employing thinner layers of colour to create a translucence. I work with a palette knife rather than a brush. I might also use a blade to scrape or gouge the work in order to create lines of movement. I might also apply strands of rope fibre or ground-down coloured slate or tile which I blow onto or turn into the wet paint to add texture and dynamic.


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