Emily Kallend

My work is created using twisted and folded pieces of canvas and muslin laid onto the canvas. The surface of the fabric is textured which provides natural areas of dark and light. The folding of the fabric and application of paint create optical effects. I utilise areas of colour theory to create a ‘push and pull’ off the surface. Blue tones pushing back and red tones pulling forward. I play with how the interaction of colour and space occur within the composition. Twists and folds of the fabric work to hide and reveal; they act as metaphors for the seen and unseen.
The materialism within the work provides associations including the illusionistic painting of cloth during the Renaissance. The association gives a historical connection. The masters of the Renaissance painted cloth with the intention of making a two-dimensional object become a three-dimensional illusion. I bring the fabric out of the painting and on to the surface to create a sculptural three-dimensional object.



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