Cherry Parsons

Sunshine, light, water and people are my inspiration. I like to paint and draw things that make me happy and other people smile
I paint, mainly, in acrylics and oils but also like to add texture to some of my images and I use all manner of things to create the desired effect. My style would probably be described as realism but that is achieved using multiple layers, colours and tools on the canvas.
I studied at Northbrook College and in the past couple of years have started to indulge my passion for art again. I firmly believe in regularly attending group classes, to pick up tips and meet like minded people.
I have commissioned murals on display at Sedgwick House and Springfield Park House, plus I have sold paintings as far afield as New Zealand and Canada.
Some of my work has been displayed at The Capital, Horsham, with the Farlington Art Group and I exhibited in the 2018 HAOS Art Trail and Art Fair.
As well as the HAOS 2019 events I am exhibiting in April at The Laughing Dog, Brighton Marina and Horsham Museum in November and December.
My prints and cards are sold in Crates Carfax.


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