Greta Meeten

Being creative has always been an integral part of being myself. It is a meditation, relaxation & escape from the stresses of everyday life rolled into one. For me, it is a vital part of life’s balance; I believe creativity is as important as exercise and eating well in order to stay healthy. Allowing yourself the time to be creative can be a challenge, but the rewards far outweigh the odd ‘dust bunny’, cobweb or un-ironed table cloth.

I am drawn to nature, especially trees and the beach, and much of my work is influenced by these. A combination of photographs and found objects inform my creations along with a good sprinkle of imagination!

I work with a variety of mediums, but I particularly enjoy textiles, wood and metal. The ways that textiles can be transformed by manipulation, stitching, dyeing and such provide endless inspiration & discoveries. I especially love the form and texture of driftwood and this is often the starting point for my pieces. Metal again provides endless possibilities through manipulation of both the form and appearance. A handful of rusty nails and washers or a collection of old keys are like treasure to me! Enamelling onto copper is another favourite, either to create stand alone pieces or to integrate into mixed media pieces.


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