Michael Joseph

For Michael Joseph the purpose of art is not to create a photo-realistic image of life. His work is a translation into artistic values like a simple line, shape or space to such an extent that it becomes stimulating it its own right. The mind is intrigued and something much deeper and lasting results.

In this way he is able to explore and experiment on any subject. He particularly enjoys the figure and working from life. Rather like a musician practising scales and arpeggios the life stage provides a framework for developing thoughts and skills. He will take a nude and dress it up again, not in clothes but in his own artistic language thereby putting back the mystery and interest.

Michael will jump between 2D and 3D and from one medium to another responding to the previous piece of work, reforming and editing as he goes. It is a journey that has no known destination. As the process progresses, the image breaks further away from the representational and into abstraction. Unrestricted freedom allows him to use any medium. They could be charcoal, inks, paint, metal, carbon fibre, mirrors or shadows. Equally the tools he uses range from a simple brush to a computer controlled milling machine. There are no limits when working creatively

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