Zeljko Ivankovic

A lot of my work so far has been commissioned by small companies, galleries and individuals who saw work at an exhibition or came across my through social media or my website. Some commissions come from friends and family, but most are by recommendations and networking. Regardless of the relation, the nature of any commission is such that my creativity is influenced and galvanised by what others want. This interaction invariably produces exciting and innovative results through the use of unexpected or less familiar materials and methods. It gets me out of my ‘comfort zone’ and I learn new skills and techniques. Commissions can, for the same reasons, be challenging but I have come to love the research, investigation and negotiations needed for a successful piece of work. It also makes me produce more substantial and ambitious pieces.

When it comes to working for ‘myself’ things seem to work very differently. My work is generally informed by what is around me in terms of material as well as my surroundings. I never seem to need to ‘look for inspiration’ and for a good number of pieces I simply waited for a piece of stone to ‘tell’ me what it wants to be. It may sound a bit odd but I find that this is the case particularly with carving. Once I see an object – either a figure or animal – within the form, it is easy to carve around it to expose its surface. Some people are naturally more inclined to carving – ‘taking away’ and I do love working that way but I also enjoy making objects – by adding or ‘putting on’- Two very different approaches to sculpture, both equally important and valid.

I am currently studying for an MA in Fine Art at University of Chichester, specialising in sculpture.


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