Deborah Crago

My artworks are all inspired by the beauty, variety and intricacy of flowers. I work in a couple of different mediums: drawing as well as textile artwork.

My graphite drawings are magnified sections of flowers. My intention is to enable the viewer to look at a specific flower in a more intimate way. By removing the distraction of colour, I aim to show the intricacy of the flowers, the detail, patterns and form that may not have been observed in such a way before.

My colour, isolated drawings are all created using watercolour pencils. I have always loved working with pencils as they allow me to capture all the detail that I find so beautiful.

With my background in textile design, I love working with the tactile nature of fabric and use machine embroidery as a means of drawing. My textile artworks incorporate hand pressed flowers within layers of sheer fabric, embroidered together.

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