Heather Irvine

I am a contemporary nature inspired artist depicting wildlife, equestrian and canine subjects (and the odd human once in a while).

My work is based around the senses and emotions and has its roots firmly planted in impressionism with a dash of expressiveness using loose brushwork and energetic strokes whilst retaining the feeling of presence and place. Mainly working from my own imagination, I dabble in oils, acrylic, mixed media and charcoal for drawing using bold bright and often complimentary colours to experiment with composition and form. Movement plays a huge role in my work, the animals within it will always be ‘doing’ something, either naturally or as a metaphor for deeper meaning depending on where their journey takes me! Either way, I try to be true to each individual.

Sketching is imperative and I watch and observe wildlife in its natural state wherever possible. The work should flourish with its own life on the canvas and often does mutate as I paint and draw – whatever happens then is instinct and lends itself to a far more organic and often spontaneous artwork.

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