Joanna Gill

My work explores hand dyed fabrics, screen and lino printing. I enjoy capturing abstract forms in nature and drawing these in bold and colourful expressive marks. I use lino printing as it shows the skill of the artist, as its not mass manufactured by a machine. Mistakes can occur in hand – made items, and it’s this idea of imperfections (Wabi – sabi, a Japanese expression for impermanence & imperfections … Continue reading

Deborah Crago

My artworks are all inspired by the beauty, variety and intricacy of flowers. I work in a couple of different mediums: drawing as well as textile artwork. My graphite drawings are magnified sections of flowers. My intention is to enable the viewer to look at a specific flower in a more intimate way. By removing the distraction of colour, I aim to show the intricacy of the flowers, the detail, … Continue reading

Sam Brickman

As an introduction I’m Sam, a West Sussex based photographer specialising in Events, Landscapes and Wildlife. Over the years I’ve been approached to work on several commissions born out of personal projects, most notably my four 365 photo-a-day journals. My work is varied and includes; HEEM’s ‘Year in the Life’ promoting the East Midlands to trainee Doctors, More Radio’s Awards Events across the South Coast, Chestnut Tree House – 15th … Continue reading

Rebecca Melliard

“For as long as I can remember I have been a creator or ‘mess maker.’ Having spent much of my childhood in and out of hospital, the activity that made me happy was always cutting, sticking and making pictures. It is this that instilled in me both the desire and need to create.”

Heather Irvine

I am a contemporary nature inspired artist depicting wildlife, equestrian and canine subjects (and the odd human once in a while). My work is based around the senses and emotions and has its roots firmly planted in impressionism with a dash of expressiveness using loose brushwork and energetic strokes whilst retaining the feeling of presence and place. Mainly working from my own imagination, I dabble in oils, acrylic, mixed media … Continue reading

Louise Astridge

Using a heated wire and blow torches, Louise uses the art of Pyrography to create her images on natural wood slabs incorporating the unique characteristics of the wooden canvas with her love for wildlife and nature. Much of Louise’s work has been through commission creating unique portraits of much loved pets and over the next few years she hopes to ‘branch out’ to develop her skills further.

Stephanie Anderson

Stephanie is a contemporary painter exploring an abstract and surreal style of artwork. She incorporates themes of life, death and the vastness of space in her pieces; using vibrant colours and strong textured shapes to give an unusual edge to the natural world. She paints in both acrylic and oil, drawing on her studies of still life, portraits and nature to push her exploration of abstraction further with each painting.

Alison Crowe

I have been making jewellery for around ten years but have devoted the past three exclusively to working with silver. I love designing and working with this beautiful metal as it offers so many creative possibilities. I usually draw my inspiration from the forms and details found in nature, adding my own minimalist twist, aiming to create unique, versatile and wearable pieces of jewellery that will stand the test of … Continue reading