Michael Joseph

For Michael Joseph the purpose of art is not to create a photo-realistic image of life. His work is a translation into artistic values like a simple line, shape or space to such an extent that it becomes stimulating it its own right. The mind is intrigued and something much deeper and lasting results. In this way he is able to explore and experiment on any subject. He particularly enjoys … Continue reading

Lou Sainty

My name is Lou and I happily started sculpting mid way through life having spent fifteen years as a Picture Framer, which I also still love. I am passionate about nature and take my inspiration from the stunning natural world around us. My work is full of intricate detail and precise forms, replicating the myriad textures, shapes and contours of our wonderful planet’s flora and fauna: it’s therefore always intriguing … Continue reading

Keith Coomber

I am a semi professional artist living and working in Sussex. I love to paint in oil and acrylics and my influences are numerous, from the classics to the contemporary. My art has now sold around the country and recently won best painting at an exhibition I was involved with in Sussex. Commissions available, affordable and accessable as I believe quality art should be available to all.  

Cherry Parsons

Sunshine, light, water and people are my inspiration. I like to paint and draw things that make me happy and other people smile I paint, mainly, in acrylics and oils but also like to add texture to some of my images and I use all manner of things to create the desired effect. My style would probably be described as realism but that is achieved using multiple layers, colours and … Continue reading

Greta Meeten

Being creative has always been an integral part of being myself. It is a meditation, relaxation & escape from the stresses of everyday life rolled into one. For me, it is a vital part of life’s balance; I believe creativity is as important as exercise and eating well in order to stay healthy. Allowing yourself the time to be creative can be a challenge, but the rewards far outweigh the … Continue reading

Jan Paynter

My art is inspired by nature and colour… Throughout my life I have enjoyed recording what I see through photography, simple sketches and journals. Also, I have been privileged to visit many places where various types of art by local and renown artists have been exhibited. This has influenced the way I approach my painting. I am especially inspired by past artists such as Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Manet, Monet, Mary … Continue reading

Pat Wright

If I could say it in words there would be no reason to paint’ is a sentiment variously expressed by many artists. Finding ways to express an emotion or a reaction to an event or a topic is endlessly fascinating and at the heart of why I paint. By working around a theme, I discover and develop ways to use paint and my work often emerges from random experiments with … Continue reading