Janelle Baker

From childhood I have enjoyed a very rich inner life. As an adult, I am compelled by honest storytelling, filled with sparks of hope. I constantly search for the deeper meanings and patterns hidden within a life fully lived. From this internal symbolic language, I seek to create art with high regard for the compelling journey of the human spirit    

Angela Brittain

Each work I create has a search for “rightness” – an attempt to solve complex and often self-imposed compositional problems. They often have a tension below the surface. I work mainly in oils and acrylics. People fascinate me but I’m not sure that I made a conscious decision to make people central to my work or if this subject chose me. I have taught art to children and adults and … Continue reading

Francesca Clarke

Francesca Clarke uses a variety of mediums to create her paintings and prints; landscape, the sea and gardens being inspirational. More abstract passages are seen in some of the freer print mediums.

Yvonne Clements

Yvonne’s expressive use of paint captures light and atmosphere in her floral landscapes.  She is passionate about the fauna and flora of the Sussex countryside and aims to convey their beauty in her work.  She is also interested in painting birds, particularly pheasants and birds of prey, and focuses on the intricacies and colours of the subject in detail.

Sue Collins

Sue is a printmaker, designer and workshop tutor. She works from her studio in the beautiful Sussex countryside. Using a combination of photography and sketching, as well as drawing on her own personal experiences and memories, she creates wall art and textile designs from linoleum. .  

Macrina Danaila

I am passionate about nature and try to shape landscapes, butterflies, birds, sea sides I paint mainly in acrylics using under unlimited variety of colours in my artwork. Infinity is the limit.

Natalie Davies

Natalie is a painter who uses acrylic on canvas. She is exhibiting her recent series of bird canvases at this year’s art fair. As ever, butterflies will also be appearing, along with other things with wings.

Esther Downton

Esther Downton is a second year A-level art student currently studying at Collyers. She creates paintings with acrylic, mixed media and more recently has started experimenting with watercolour. Currently Esther is exploring coastal environments in her work with seascapes, sea life studies and coastal towns. The main aspect that draws her towards this subject area is the ever changing landscape of colours and textures that make up the coast. Esther’s … Continue reading

Sue Elliott

Sue Elliott’s watercolour paintings reflect her delight in trying to capture light. She is particularly captivated by the natural world, and enjoys landscapes. Her work is mainly representational although recently she has toyed with a more realistic abstract approach. She will work at creating a successful composition and then will often paint the same composition several times in an attempt to push the work towards a new direction or to … Continue reading

Thomas France

My artwork is a refined Impressionism and I work with acrylic paints. I also like to work on iPad with a style I call “Impadonism”. For this exhibition I’m focusing on landscapes and gardens.

Carolyn Gibbs

I am often inspired by plants and flowers, which I observe and paint, focussing on the detail. Some of these are translated into embroideries using skills I am learning at the Royal School of Needlework. Sometimes I just break out and experiment! Profits from my sales are donated to charity.

Heather Glenny

My artwork is inspired by what I see around me locally and abroad. My paintings are in watercolour, acrylics, pastels and mixed media, of flowers, landscapes and natural history subjects. Selected cards are available.  

Pam Gowing

My passion is for creating still life paintings of real objects, using transparency, depth, colour and texture to reveal their beauty.

Ian Hadley

Impressionistic landscapes and seascapes that are inspired by nature and try to capture a particular sense of light and space. My current collection is of views in West Sussex.  

Pete Hind-Fletcher

My work is both figurative and abstract. I like to combine the two sometimes with impasto brush and knife strokes, often with a sculptural element. My main medium is acrylic and occasionally oil and oil pastel. I paint mostly from memory; images of spirituality, icons, angels, nature, birds, flight, feathers, trees. I often experiment with subject and medium; I always want to see ‘what is over the hill’ and grow … Continue reading

Karen Ibbotson

I work mainly in pastel and sometimes in pencil and tend to cover a wide range of subjects, eg landscapes, flora, depending on what catches my interest at home or travelling. For more examples of my work, please view my website: www.karenibbotson.co.uk, and my facebook page: www.facebook.com/artbykarenibbotson.  

Alison Ingram

Alison is a professional artist known for her unique interpretation of wildlife. Her abstract paintings use colour and design to unite the painting and are instantly recognisable and unforgettable. Alison’s passion for wildlife is reflected in her work and shows her understanding of animal behaviour and their interaction with the environment. Her paintings are vibrant and lively making full use of both the positive and negative space and colour harmonies … Continue reading

Sheila M Kane

Original paintings in colourful mixed media, interpreting landscapes, nature, sea and skies.    

Kerry Kinnell

Print making, textiles and paintings reflecting a love of colour, pattern and texture. Inspiration from family life, to nature, angels and cocktails. I tend to play with inspiration, topics and media and just do what ever I feel like doing resulting in quite an eclectic collection of creations.

Kevin Meeten

My name is Kevin Meeten and I am an accidental artist. While recovering from a serious illness around three years ago, I discovered that I could produce interesting pieces of art, and took great pleasure in doing so. Inspired by a lifelong passion for sci-fi cinema, literature and TV, I create stylised portraits of iconic characters and original landscapes. My work is intuitive and original, using mixed media and unusual … Continue reading

Grahame Morgan-Watson

Grahame enjoys the playfulness of the creative process, offering a diverse collection of contemporary oils and acrylics on canvas. His works draws on inspirations from philosophical ideas, impressions from nature and reflective insights. Combining techniques of brush and palette knife, the images range from dark moods to vibrant interactions of colour and texture. As with his approach to music, , Grahame rarely reproduces the same theme, preferring to bring to … Continue reading

Sharon Norman

Cheerful watercolour and ink paintings, mainly contemporary original art. From images around Sussex and the Suffolk coast and South Downs. Sharon walks along the beaches and on the Downs with Maisie her dog as often as possible, the images she paints are from her memory of these walks, and the feelings they evoke within her.

Su Novis

I am a new artist using watercolour, I am fascinated in the medium and trying many different subjects and interesting ideas. I have used acrylic colours to good effect.  

Edith Pargh Barton

Large and small scale oil paintings on canvas as well as quirky textile sculptures that have human-like qualities. Colour, texture and humour is a running theme in all my work. My sculptures and tea-lights are exhibited with the Sussex Guild  

Lindsey Pearson

Lindsey enjoys the spontaneity and unpredictable nature of Watercolour and Earth Inks. They enable her to boldly explore the effects of colour and provide expression in her paintings. Inspiration comes from travels abroad – especially Venice. Lindsey uses pen and wash whilst working en plein to capture the magical light qualities of water and architecture in her Venetian paintings. More recent work features abstracts and flowers painted using Earth Inks. … Continue reading

Peter Piper

An artist who uses stencils and spray paint to create artwork on canvas.

Benjamin Smith

Benjamin Smith is a figurative artist in the classical tradition. From an early age he developed an admiration for the discipline and creativity of the great painters. Specialising in traditional representational oil painting and drawing, Benjamin’s goal is to connect with ancestral forms and methods of art, taking them in new directions. He hopes to create beautiful, luminous and engaging artworks that will grow on the viewer and reward time … Continue reading

Judith M Smith

A passion for nature and the flora and fauna that inhabit it has been a continuing inspiration. I paint mainly in oils in a contemporary, energetic and spontaneous way, using brushes, fingers, rags and anything else I feel necessary. Apart from yearly group exhibitions, I have had solo shows in Guildford Cathedral, Capitol Horsham and Seawhites of Brighton. I have also been accepted for many Open Exhibitions in Sussex, Surrey, … Continue reading

Susan Tindall

I work mainly with earthenware clay making original ceramic pieces using my own designs, however I do enjoy the variety and challenges of working in other art and craft mediums. My work is often inspired by my love of nature and animals, particularly dogs. Art works include sculpture, ceramic paintings, sprigged and relief pictures, plaques and signs, jewellery including dog/animal brooches and show clips, night lights and lamps, wedding gifts/favours … Continue reading

Jo Willis

Jo works in oils and creates contemporary canvases in a range of subjects. Light, colour and texture are captured in her landscapes and her life studies, largely of people, exhibit a graphic quality, focusing on tone and composition with elements of colour. Jo paints whatever inspires her, from flowers to woodlands, groups of children in a playground to a nineteenth century cattle market. .  

Mark Wilson

I paint in acrylics and oil. My subjects are semi-abstract and abstract land and seascapes. I work to communicate the physical restlessness I feel is present as a continuously shifting intensity within a scene so that all of the viewer’s senses are engaged when they look at the work. I want them to hear and feel as well as see so that the story of what they experience is something … Continue reading