Stephanie Anderson

Stephanie is a contemporary painter exploring an abstract and surreal style of artwork. She incorporates themes of life, death and the vastness of space in her pieces; using vibrant colours and strong textured shapes to give an unusual edge to the natural world. She paints in both acrylic and oil, drawing on her studies of still life, portraits and nature to push her exploration of abstraction further with each painting.

Angela Brittain

I am inspired by people, light, motion, natural shapes and reflections. I work by applying many layers of paint to the surface, building complex overlays and edges that work with figures in motion to create a composition where everything is transitory and fluid. I like the sense of depth I can get from this technique and the way light and colour make the focus and the drama. My life has … Continue reading

Pearl Budgen

I love to paint a variety of natural forms,my preferred medium is Acrylic on canvas which l add mixed media for texture,also enjoy working with Charcoal and Pastels. I started painting for fun and soon discovered a love and outlet for my creative abilities. I found many different ways to experiment with paint and wanted to develop my skills and continued to explore art, so l choose to enhance my … Continue reading

Tracie Callaghan

Tracie Callaghan uses a variety of different media to create exciting and unusual artworks that celebrate the beauty of the natural world. Her work explores the relationship between subject matter and the media used, be that through use of colour, historical or geographical context to create depth and share her passion for our natural treasures.  

Fleur Campbell

I make abstract landscape paintings. Experimenting with coloured pigments, solvents, chalks, graphite and inks on large square canvases allows me to play with the picture plane. I like to let the fluids flow across the surface, turning and tilting to form a loose, organic grid on which to build further layers. Cold wax creates deep ridges which can be carved into or scraped back to reveal shimmering veils of coloured … Continue reading

Pam Clarke

My work can be found in galleries in the Surrey/Sussex area. Floral abstract is my particular interest at the moment but I also undertake portrait commissions in water based oils or acrylics. An additional pursuit is Lino printing.  

Yvonne Clements

Yvonne is a self-taught, floral abstract landscape artist, constantly looking to nature for her inspiration. She often paints from memory and quick sketches creating expressive pieces full of movement, intending to bring joy! She also paints detailed still life pieces and birds – both with a contemporary feel.

Sue Collins

Sue is an artist, printmaker, designer and workshop tutor based at Scots Pine Studios in West Sussex. Her textile designs have been sold to international companies including IKEA, TJ Maxx and Pottery Barn. Her wall art has sold internationally and has also appeared on the BBC Drama series ‘Cuffs’. She is a member of Chalk Gallery in Lewes, the Adur Art Collective and Horsham Artists with whom she regularly exhibits. … Continue reading

Keith Coomber

I am a semi professional artist living and working in Sussex. I love to paint in oil and acrylics and my influences are numerous, from the classics to the contemporary. My art has now sold around the country and recently won best painting at an exhibition I was involved with in Sussex. Commissions available, affordable and accessable as I believe quality art should be available to all.  

Deborah Crago

My artworks are all inspired by the beauty, variety and intricacy of flowers. I work in a couple of different mediums: drawing as well as textile artwork. My graphite drawings are magnified sections of flowers. My intention is to enable the viewer to look at a specific flower in a more intimate way. By removing the distraction of colour, I aim to show the intricacy of the flowers, the detail, … Continue reading

Macrina Danaila

I am passionate about nature and try to shape landscapes, butterflies, birds, sea sides I paint mainly in acrylics using under unlimited variety of colours in my artwork. Infinity is the limit.

Natalie Davies

Natalie is a painter. She regularly exhibits with HAOS. This year she will be showing her most recent series of paintings which are an exploration on the theme of rain.

Frank Delano

Oh yes, what shall I write. I was born in the same year as Sir Edmund Hillary reached the South Pole. From there onwards I travelled the globe, lived for many years in Asia and created, created and created. Apart from that. I possess a wild imagination and a dire urge to express the moment, the feeling or my vision. So you could call my artwork “emotive”. By using different … Continue reading

Sue Elliott

Sue’s watercolour paintings reflect her interest in the natural world in all seasons. She loves the atmospheric weather of the UK with it’s magical mists, vast array of cloudy skies and spectrum of ever-changing and ever elusive light, which together make a watercolourist’s delight. Her work is mainly representational although recently she has toyed with a more realistic abstract approach.

Mandy Ford

Welcome to my birthing of Broccoli and Grape, what an awesome opportunity that I’m able to step into, with the love and support of family, friends & Faith. I’ve had time to express & evolve into what i’m producing from delicate watercolours to acrylic & other materials. I’ve also explored making & painting my own cards as well as photography. I try and recycle materials were possible.

Katherine Giannini

Kat’s love for creating artwork started as early as she can remember. Inspired by many things she’s only in the last few years started to specialise in animals and wildlife. She is heavily interested in protecting our wildlife, environment and planet, so much so that this year she has converted almost all her packaging to biodegradable and recyclable products.

Carolyn Gibbs

My painting is usually inspired by plants and gardens, taking a botanical approach. Sometimes my paintings inspire my embroidery, which is usually traditional hand embroidery although sometimes I experiment in both disciplines! ‘Profits from my work go to charity and I am currently supporting a community in a very poor region of Nicaragua, whom I am visiting in January 2018, Please see our blog Also see my creativity blog … Continue reading

Heather Glenny

Heather has been a member of HAOS since 2013. She also belongs to other local art groups. She has been developing her artwork over the last thirty years with inspiration coming from nature, gardens and places she has visited throughout her life. Heather always enjoyed drawing and painting from early childhood but as an adult family commitments prevented any progress with art until spare time evolved in the nineteen eighties. … Continue reading

Vicky Gomez

Vicky Gomez is a Spanish artist based in Horsham. After many years working as Graphic Designer and 3D Artist in several projects, Vicky decided to return to her passion, Painting. Inspired by sea life and nature she starts to create several watercolour works. She always liked to experiment with different materials, using paint, paper, cardboard and pencils in her works. Now she is also using linocut and printmaking in her … Continue reading

Ian Hadley

I am a local artist working in acrylics , painting landscapes and seascapes of West Sussex. My paintings are of scenes which have inspired me by their qualities of light, space and life. It is these that I try to capture and convey to the viewer, creating a positive emotional response. I exhibit my work locally and sell widely.  

Alison Ingram

Alison is a professional, award winning artist, known for her unique interpretation of wildlife. She has been a member of HAOS since the start and hosted her first Open Studio in December 2003. Over the last 20 years she has developed her distinctive style, combining her knowledge and interest in wildlife, with contemporary design. She has a painting on permanent display in Horsham Museum and in Nature in Art Museum … Continue reading

Heather Irvine

I am a contemporary nature inspired artist depicting wildlife, equestrian and canine subjects (and the odd human once in a while). My work is based around the senses and emotions and has its roots firmly planted in impressionism with a dash of expressiveness using loose brushwork and energetic strokes whilst retaining the feeling of presence and place. Mainly working from my own imagination, I dabble in oils, acrylic, mixed media … Continue reading

Sheila Kane

Original paintings in colourful mixed media, interpreting landscapes, nature, sea and skies.  

Helga Keri

The painting became a passion of mine from a very early age and continues to be an integral part of my life. I am inspired by so many things, such as the colors and the trees. I work in acrylics with pastels or oils. I have been painting in pastel for over 15 years. When I was a child, I had got a Master who helped for me in the … Continue reading

David Meeking

Semi abstract sea and landscapes painted in oil on canvas.

Kevin Meeten

My name is Kevin Meeten and I am an accidental artist. While recovering from a serious illness around three years ago, I discovered that I could produce interesting pieces of art, and took great pleasure in doing so. Inspired by a lifelong passion for sci-fi cinema, literature and TV, I create stylised portraits of iconic characters and original landscapes. My work is intuitive and original, using mixed media and unusual … Continue reading

Rebecca Melliard

“For as long as I can remember I have been a creator or ‘mess maker.’ Having spent much of my childhood in and out of hospital, the activity that made me happy was always cutting, sticking and making pictures. It is this that instilled in me both the desire and need to create.”

Grahame Morgan-Watson

Paintings expressing vibrant, colourful interpretations of floral images, unusual landmarks and musical impressions. They share a rich textural quality from mixed medias, oils and acrylic on canvas.

Sharon Norman

Contemporary impressionist painter using oils, water colour & earth inks. Specialising in painting sea, beaches & local scenes. Lively, colourful paintings & affordable trays with watercolour images

Edith Pargh Barton

Edith’s textile based sculpture and paintings display a distinct element. Talisman, & totems are recurring theme’s imbuing a sense of mystery and otherness to her work. The textile sculptures are hand constructed from fabric and embroidered and embellished with thread. Standing alone or in familial groups, they are at once both intriguing and humorous, leading the observer to wonder at their inner thoughts and meaning.  

Cherry Parsons

Sunshine, light, water and people are my inspiration. I like to paint and draw things that make me happy and other people smile I paint, mainly, in acrylics and oils but also like to add texture to some of my images and I use all manner of things to create the desired effect. My style would probably be described as realism but that is achieved using multiple layers, colours and … Continue reading

Jan Paynter

My art is inspired by nature and colour… Throughout my life I have enjoyed recording what I see through photography, simple sketches and journals. Also, I have been privileged to visit many places where various types of art by local and renown artists have been exhibited. This has influenced the way I approach my painting. I am especially inspired by past artists such as Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Manet, Monet, Mary … Continue reading

Lindsey Pearson

Lindsey loves the spontaneity, fluidity and beautiful colour ranges of both Watercolour and Earth Inks. These enable her to work wet in wet – fast and free . Lindsey loves working en plein air especially in her most beloved destination Venice, where the light and architecture provide endless inspiration. Recently Lindsey has been developing more abstract works and her ideas are evolving into new and exciting works.

Benjamin Smith

Benjamin Smith is a figurative artist in the classical tradition. From an early age he developed an admiration for the discipline and creativity of the great painters. Specialising in traditional representational oil painting and drawing, Benjamin’s goal is to connect with ancestral forms and methods of art, taking them in new directions. He hopes to create beautiful, luminous and engaging artworks that will grow on the viewer and reward time … Continue reading

Judith M Smith

There’s a randomness to what I paint. Particular subjects grab my attention and a whole series of work can emerge. For me painting is an act of discovery, an exploration of something that has caught my attention. The unexpected can happen, it’s exciting, tantalising. I paint mostly in oils and love the texture, smell, the feel and the versatility of the medium. I work in an energetic, intuitive, experimental and … Continue reading

Paul Talbot

My paintings reflect a passion for the natural world and all its beauty. Working in oils, I aim to capture my favourite scenes in a loose realism style. Focusing on light and colour, I try to create striking, bold scenes that stand out, in a surprising way.  

Susan Tindall

I work at home in Southwater, West Sussex designing and creating original pieces of art. I have been mainly working with earthenware ceramics, but I am currently learning new enamel painting skills to create a new range of miniature painting work. Though these are my primary mediums, I enjoy the variety and flexibility of working with different materials both in two and three dimensions. Including chalk sculpture, painting and drawing … Continue reading

Joanna Wenczka

Joanna’s work comes in a variety of media from watercolour and ink, to charcoal and oils all of which are used freely to create expressive pieces focusing on gesture and character. Animals, figures and portraits are the main focuses in her work. She aims to capture the character of her subjects in her work rather than dwelling on precision and accuracy, believing that capturing the feeling or personality of a … Continue reading

Jackie White

“Jackie uses a variety of 2D media including oils, pastels, acrylic and printing, I tend to revolve around these processes and experiment and combine media. Im presently working figuratively.”  

Jo Willis

Jo is an oil painter and lives in Mannings Heath, West Sussex. Light, colour and texture are captured in her contemporary landscapes while her life studies, largely of people, exhibit a graphic quality, focusing on tone and composition.  Jo paints whatever inspires her, from flowers to woodlands, sunsets to coastlines, groups of children in a playground or a nineteenth century cattle market.  

Mark Wilson

I paint in oils, working with perhaps just four or five colours. My subjects are abstract and semi-abstract land and sea-scapes. I work to communicate the restlessness I feel is present within a scene as a continuously shifting intensity of sound and movement. As such, achievement for me is when all of the viewer’s senses are engaged as they look at the work. I want them to hear and feel … Continue reading

Pat Wright

If I could say it in words there would be no reason to paint’ is a sentiment variously expressed by many artists. Finding ways to express an emotion or a reaction to an event or a topic is endlessly fascinating and at the heart of why I paint. By working around a theme, I discover and develop ways to use paint and my work often emerges from random experiments with … Continue reading