Denise Bliss

This year, Silver Bliss Designs is introducing a new ‘grape-vine’ range to reflect the Dinner Table design. This includes a variety of gems used as the grapes and is a beautiful new edition to the wide range of jewellery. Denise also takes commissions. .    

Sarah Downton

Original glass beads and jewellery made with fire and passion by Sarah in West Sussex. Sarah is an award winning glass beadmaker, member of the Surrey Guild of Craftsmen and regular judge of The Bead Awards. She offers beadmaking lessons for up to three people at a time in her dedicated glass studio in Horsham. ‘I use traditional lampworking techniques and the finest Venetian, German and American glass to make … Continue reading

Jenny Hirst

I make my jewellery using a wide variety of semi-precious stones and freshwater pearls incorporated with sterling silver beads and wire work. My inspiration comes from the natural stones themselves and by combining different tones and colours I create unique pieces of jewellery. I also offer a restringing service and make bespoke bridal tiaras for that very special day.

Angela Jenkinson

I make fused glass jewellery, wall art, bowls, vases, coasters and sculptural pieces. My designs are inspired by the natural world including flowers, seascapes and landscapes. .    

Jill Mills

Hand knitted and crocheted jewellery using fine wire, yarns, beads and felted work. A variety of techniques to produce individual and unique jewellery.Individual and original hand knitted and crocheted jewellery using fine wire, beads and felted work.    

Bruce Ringrose

Hand made jewellery combining time-honoured jewellery making techniques with a mixture of traditional materials like Gold, Silver, gemstones and contemporary materials like cold enamel and Perspex.    

Lucy Stevens

Handmade tiaras, hair vines & jewellery, using sterling silver, Swarovski Crystals, pearls & mother of pearl. Delicate designs inspired by nature.