Paul Baden

Wood sculptures inspired by his cartographic routes. Carvings of the human form, maps and exciting contemporary wall reliefs using layered woods to create landscapes for the hand and eyes to explore.

Janine Creaye

Wood and stone carvings, cement constructed sculpture, bronze casts and study drawings from full time artist. Subjects from the natural world. Contemplative, symbolic and textured in style.  

Brenda Finch

Bird and animal sculptures created in either unique ceramic pieces or cast in materials suitable for exterior use in limited editions of 10 or less.    

Pete Hind-Fletcher

My work is both figurative and abstract. I like to combine the two sometimes with impasto brush and knife strokes, often with a sculptural element. My main medium is acrylic and occasionally oil and oil pastel. I paint mostly from memory; images of spirituality, icons, angels, nature, birds, flight, feathers, trees. I often experiment with subject and medium; I always want to see ‘what is over the hill’ and grow … Continue reading

Kevin Meeten

My name is Kevin Meeten and I am an accidental artist. While recovering from a serious illness around three years ago, I discovered that I could produce interesting pieces of art, and took great pleasure in doing so. Inspired by a lifelong passion for sci-fi cinema, literature and TV, I create stylised portraits of iconic characters and original landscapes. My work is intuitive and original, using mixed media and unusual … Continue reading

Claire Morris

Claire studied sculpture at Chelsea Art School in the seventies and has concentrated her career creating unique contemporary stone carvings for the home, garden and public spaces. ‘ Much of my work is inspired by the inherent forms contained in the materials, allowing the sculptures to emerge and develop throughout the carving. The sense of the elemental as you carve into a piece of stone can deeply stir the creative … Continue reading

Edith Pargh Barton

Contemporary oil paintings and framed mono-prints. Textile sculptures fashioned from fabric incorporating hand and machine embroidery. Some pieces are embellished with beads, palm fronds, sisal, and sea grass. The sculptures radiate the quirkiness of human personality. Tea-lights which are suitable for outdoor use are machine embroidered onto Lutrador and wrapped around glass.  

Lesley Taylor

The 2017 Art Trail will feature more of Lesley’s witty three-dimensional boxed and freestanding sculptures. Brilliant white with just a splash of colour, her work is designed to make you smile…or maybe even laugh out loud! Artworks from her new ‘Beside the Seaside’ and ‘Boys & Girls on Top’ series, will be amongst work on show and if you are a fan of a VW Campervan…her new beach hut pieces … Continue reading

Susan Tindall

I work mainly with earthenware clay making original ceramic pieces using my own designs, however I do enjoy the variety and challenges of working in other art and craft mediums. My work is often inspired by my love of nature and animals, particularly dogs. Art works include sculpture, ceramic paintings, sprigged and relief pictures, plaques and signs, jewellery including dog/animal brooches and show clips, night lights and lamps, wedding gifts/favours … Continue reading

Irma Westerdijk

Irma began her artistic career at a very early age and now, as she says herself, simply can’t imagine a day without creating. Found and recycled objects form the starting point for her work. These she leaves in her studio, allowing them to trigger ideas for sculptures. These are mainly figurative although she also creates wall art with a lot of texture. Since 2003 Irma has developed her use of … Continue reading