Emily Kallend

In my work I aim to get across to the viewer a charisma that captures the attention of the audience.
The folds of the materials give me my lines and inform the areas around them. The folding of the materials and application of paint create optical affects to draw attention of the eye. The work is about illusion and how the eye can misread what is in front of us. The way in which our eyes and brain connect to read images or anything in the world around us fascinates me and how at first glance we can get it wrong, completely misreading what is in front of us. My intention is for the viewer to have to contemplate the work for a short while to work out what is what and how the paintings are put together. I am interested in the use of colour and how that affects and hinders this contemplation.



Carole Skinner

I work in all mediums but find oils and acrylics the most pleasurable. My real passion is through Impressionism of my fascination of naturally occurring formations. I love the challenge of creating the atmosphere of the thoughts and experiences I perceive. These ‘mindscapes’ give me the prospect of making the work come to life and tell a story.



Joanna Wenczka

Joanna’s work comes in a variety of media from watercolour and ink, to charcoal and oils all of which are used freely to create expressive pieces focusing on gesture and character. Animals, figures and portraits are the main focuses in her work. She aims to capture the character of her subjects in her work rather than dwelling on precision and accuracy, believing that capturing the feeling or personality of a portrait will make a more recognisable image. A love of nature and water has led to colourful interpretations for marine life and native birds. Joanna enjoys life drawing in particular and studying people, their relationships, movements, personalities and storytelling. These interests stem from her study of animation at university.




Brenda Finch

Bird and animal sculptures created in either unique ceramic pieces or cast in materials suitable for exterior use in limited editions of 10 or less.



Suzie Kidd

Colour, texture, structure and a balanced design are all important in my paintings. I never preconceive the outcome but let my work build as I go , especially my abstracts which can take on a life of their own, I also love to paint landscape, still life and flowers in a similar vein.
After many years in South Africa it was a big challenge to return to the soft light of England.
I have recently moved to Horsham and will be offering art classes in September.




Alex Ansell

Alex designs and makes unique furniture that harnesses the natural beauty of wood, combining both traditional and modern styles and techniques.

Wood selection is very important in the making of furniture. Being an organic material, every section of wood is unique and carefully hand selected for each project. When making projects that aren’t confined to specific dimensions, Alex works the design to best compliment the wood.

Alex has learned from and works closely with a furniture maker who is local to where he grew up. Alex also underwent a nine-month intensive furniture-making course to hone his hand skills and traditional techniques.

If you would like a unique piece of bespoke furniture made to suit your home or office please contact him.




Macrina Danaila

I am passionate about nature and try to shape landscapes, butterflies, birds, sea sides I paint mainly in acrylics using under unlimited variety of colours in my artwork. Infinity is the limit.

Esther Downton

Esther Downton is a second year A-level art student currently studying at Collyers. She creates paintings with acrylic, mixed media and more recently has started experimenting with watercolour. Currently Esther is exploring coastal environments in her work with seascapes, sea life studies and coastal towns. The main aspect that draws her towards this subject area is the ever changing landscape of colours and textures that make up the coast. Esther’s work was one of the few selected for the Millais art student’s display at the HAOS 2015 Roffey art fair. This year Esther has her own stand and will be selling her highly desirable coastal works ranging from small watercolours to canvas paintings.

Yvonne Clements

Yvonne is an abstract floral landscape artist constantly looking to nature for her inspiration. She often paints from memory and quick sketches creating expressive pieces full of movement, intending to bring joy! She also paints detailed still life pieces and birds – both with a contemporary feel.

Grahame Morgan-Watson

Grahame has been bringing his experience as a Jazz Musician into his paintings recently. His paintings that can be Oil or Acrylic on Canvas bring in aspects of Inner Mindfulness journeys and outer visual impressions from Nature. The works are generally vivid coulours and highly textured from using palette knife. However, it is rare for Grahame to repeat a theme or idea, so anything can happen….