Katherine Giannini

I’m an Illustration graduate and former Ballroom and Latin American dancer. Inspired by my love of dance and having the experience of being on the competition floor, my passion for the creative arts, freedom of movement and attention to detail has often influenced my artwork. Dance and drawing have always progressed together in my life.
My love for illustration started at a very young age but the first steps into my illustration career began after university where I came away with a BA (Honors) degree in Illustration and Visual Communication. There I experimented in children’s book illustration and since has found my artwork moving into portraiture, capturing exquisite beauty in big, wild cats to high lighting facial features in people using acrylics, watercolour paints and pencils.
I specialise in portraits, pet and animal illustrations, working on stretched canvases, flat board canvases, cartridge and watercolour paper in a range of different shapes, sizes and materials.



Holly Dale

I started out with the support of The Princes Trust in 2012, after completing my BA Hons degree, in Surface and Textiles Design. I have also studied interior design, whilst at college, where I learnt technical drawing. I enjoy combining the two skills of sewing and technical drawing together to create bespoke and individual works of art. I am drawn towards architecture and I appreciate all the different periods and styles, which I have recreated in my work. My rabbit Benny first inspired me to stitch various animals and pets I enjoy capturing their personalities and emotions. I work closely with clients on commissions to create their desired piece of wall art.



Tracie Callaghan

Tracie Callaghan uses a variety of different media to create exciting and unusual artworks that celebrate the beauty of the natural world.
Her work explores the relationship between subject matter and the media used, be that through use of colour, historical or geographical context to create depth and share her passion for our natural treasures.


Fleur Campbell

A National winner of the prestigious Laing Landscape & Seascape competition 1990, Fleur Campbell has been on a transformative journey of ‘mark-making’ since commencing her MA in Fine Art, Brighton.
Fleur’s current practice combines experimentation with mixed-media on varying surfaces and an abstraction of line and form. The result is a body of work encompassing paintings on canvas, paper and wood panels using oils, pastels, inks and a variety of resists. Themes and motifs in the work are drawn from interior as well as exterior landscape with an emphasis on light and colour. Researching current developments in neuroscience have also inspired and influenced these paintings. A newly discovered facility for making art-prints, predominantly screen prints and linocuts, has led to a range of exciting, original images.
Collectors of all art styles have the opportunity to obtain early work from an artist tipped to join the ranks of ‘new contemporaries’ when she graduates with Masters in 2018.


Deborah Carter

Wearable jewellery designs, individually made primarily from semi-precious materials, Swarovski crystal and freshwater pearls.

Emily Kallend

My work is created using twisted and folded pieces of canvas and muslin laid onto the canvas. The surface of the fabric is textured which provides natural areas of dark and light. The folding of the fabric and application of paint create optical effects. I utilise areas of colour theory to create a ‘push and pull’ off the surface. Blue tones pushing back and red tones pulling forward. I play with how the interaction of colour and space occur within the composition. Twists and folds of the fabric work to hide and reveal; they act as metaphors for the seen and unseen.
The materialism within the work provides associations including the illusionistic painting of cloth during the Renaissance. The association gives a historical connection. The masters of the Renaissance painted cloth with the intention of making a two-dimensional object become a three-dimensional illusion. I bring the fabric out of the painting and on to the surface to create a sculptural three-dimensional object.



Carole Skinner-Rupniak

I work in all mediums but find oils and acrylics the most pleasurable. My real passion is through Impressionism of my fascination of naturally occurring formations. I love the challenge of creating the atmosphere of the thoughts and experiences I perceive. These ‘mindscapes’ give me the prospect of making the work come to life and tell a story.



Joanna Wenczka

Joanna’s work comes in a variety of media from watercolour and ink, to charcoal and oils all of which are used freely to create expressive pieces focusing on gesture and character. Animals, figures and portraits are the main focuses in her work. She aims to capture the character of her subjects in her work rather than dwelling on precision and accuracy, believing that capturing the feeling or personality of a portrait will make a more recognisable image. A love of nature and water has led to colourful interpretations for marine life and native birds. Joanna enjoys life drawing in particular and studying people, their relationships, movements, personalities and storytelling. These interests stem from her study of animation at university.




Brenda Finch

Bird and animal sculptures created in either unique ceramic pieces or cast in materials suitable for exterior use in limited editions of 10 or less.



Suzie Kidd

I paint in oils and acrylics. Subjects include landscape – I love skies and distant vistas. Also abstracts – I let my work build as it goes and let it take on a life of its own. Other work includes flowers and still life.