Alison Crowe

Working from my home studio in West Sussex, I design and create jewellery pieces using traditional silversmithing skills. All items are in a contemporary, wearable style, some including gemstones.


Lis Gilpin

Paintings and drawings of landscape, Portraiture, figurative, seascapes


Robert Newton

Oil painting of a reclining nude, emphasizing the background to form a composition.


Iris Davies

Landscapes and portraits in oils and acrylic painted on canvas or paper. Landscapes take inspiration
from places visited over the past few years, and portraits are of mainly family and friends.


Thea Taylor

Working in soft stone and ceramics I’m interested in animal and human form to give expression and mood to my work.


Sally Sanderson

Two animals sculpted in clay – an Armadillo and a goat.


Chaz Wyman

Inventing the Twentieth Century: A sculpture to subvert Mount Rushmore by suggesting 4 most influential people of the 19hC that effected the 20hC: Darwin. Marx, John Stuart Mill, and Nietzsche