Jackie White

“Jackie uses a variety of 2D media including oils, pastels, acrylic and printing, I tend to revolve around these processes and experiment and combine media. Im presently working figuratively.”  

Keith Coomber

I am a semi professional artist living and working in Sussex. I love to paint in oil and acrylics and my influences are numerous, from the classics to the contemporary. My art has now sold around the country and recently won best painting at an exhibition I was involved with in Sussex. Commissions available, affordable and accessable as I believe quality art should be available to all.  

Jan Paynter

My art is inspired by nature and colour… Throughout my life I have enjoyed recording what I see through photography, simple sketches and journals. Also, I have been privileged to visit many places where various types of art by local and renown artists have been exhibited. This has influenced the way I approach my painting. I am especially inspired by past artists such as Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Manet, Monet, Mary … Continue reading

Pam Clarke

My work can be found in galleries in the Surrey/Sussex area. Floral abstract is my particular interest at the moment but I also undertake portrait commissions in water based oils or acrylics. An additional pursuit is Lino printing.  

Pat Wright

If I could say it in words there would be no reason to paint’ is a sentiment variously expressed by many artists. Finding ways to express an emotion or a reaction to an event or a topic is endlessly fascinating and at the heart of why I paint. By working around a theme, I discover and develop ways to use paint and my work often emerges from random experiments with … Continue reading

Katherine Giannini

Kat’s love for creating artwork started as early as she can remember. Inspired by many things she’s only in the last few years started to specialise in animals and wildlife. She is heavily interested in protecting our wildlife, environment and planet, so much so that this year she has converted almost all her packaging to biodegradable and recyclable products.

Fleur Campbell

I make abstract landscape paintings. Experimenting with coloured pigments, solvents, chalks, graphite and inks on large square canvases allows me to play with the picture plane. I like to let the fluids flow across the surface, turning and tilting to form a loose, organic grid on which to build further layers. Cold wax creates deep ridges which can be carved into or scraped back to reveal shimmering veils of coloured … Continue reading

Joanna Wenczka

Joanna’s work comes in a variety of media from watercolour and ink, to charcoal and oils all of which are used freely to create expressive pieces focusing on gesture and character. Animals, figures and portraits are the main focuses in her work. She aims to capture the character of her subjects in her work rather than dwelling on precision and accuracy, believing that capturing the feeling or personality of a … Continue reading

Macrina Danaila

I am passionate about nature and try to shape landscapes, butterflies, birds, sea sides I paint mainly in acrylics using under unlimited variety of colours in my artwork. Infinity is the limit.

Grahame Morgan-Watson

Paintings expressing vibrant, colourful interpretations of floral images, unusual landmarks and musical impressions. They share a rich textural quality from mixed medias, oils and acrylic on canvas.