Iris Davies

Landscapes and portraits in oils and acrylic painted on canvas or paper. Landscapes take inspiration from places visited over the past few years, and portraits are of mainly family and friends.  

Michael Joseph

For Michael Joseph the purpose of art is not to create a photo-realistic image of life. His work is a translation into artistic values like a simple line, shape or space to such an extent that it becomes stimulating it its own right. The mind is intrigued and something much deeper and lasting results. In this way he is able to explore and experiment on any subject. He particularly enjoys … Continue reading

Lou Sainty

My name is Lou and I happily started sculpting mid way through life having spent fifteen years as a Picture Framer, which I also still love. I am passionate about nature and take my inspiration from the stunning natural world around us. My work is full of intricate detail and precise forms, replicating the myriad textures, shapes and contours of our wonderful planet’s flora and fauna: it’s therefore always intriguing … Continue reading